Tommy Fox


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About Me: Born and raised in Minnesota. I love talking on the radio! It’s pretty much the only thing I have ever done. I have been on the air in places such as Minneapolis, Florida, Las Vegas and Denver. I am also a golf freak! Give me a radio station, a golf course, every cable channel and fun people to hang with and I’m good! I am usually up for anything in the "What I like to do" department. I CAN'T STAND idiots, posers, fake people, tomatoes, liars, gold-diggers, bad drivers, onions, dental work, dirt balls and Ben Affleck. I LOVE lobster, hot female fashion, boats, lakes, dogs, watches, high heels (on a women of course), couches, sleeping, radio, humor and some good stimulating conversation.

Favorite Food: I have many! Give me a plate of Lobster, crab legs and steak and you will have no complaints from me!

Favorite Movies: Boogie Nights, Blow, Goodfellas, Casino, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Donnie Brasco, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Waiting, 54 and lethal weapon!

Favorite music: I am pretty eclectic when it comes to music but if I was stuck on a desert island and had one disc it would be Prince’s greatest hits.

Favorite Drink: Corona with 2 limes or a Blue Moon with a full orange slice!

Favorite TV Show: Entourage

Favorite Vacation Spot: Vegas Baby!

Tommy Fox