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The Roxy Studio

Any time I'm seen out in public without my camera, I get looks of shock from those who know me. "What, you're out - NOT taking photos?!" Photography has been part of who I identify as since I was in High School, and the relationship I have with my camera outnumbers the years I have been with my husband....and we were High School sweethearts! :) Since the day I realized that I loved photography, my brain has seriously not stopped thinking about how I can help others express their stories. As I was learning, I craved every moment that I could get someone in front of my lens and make them feel like a model and that who they were, at that moment, was the most beautiful thing. THIS IS WHERE THE ROXY STUDIO BEGAN. With my entusiasm to make this something I could do everyday, I spent every waking hour educating myself, shooting and looking for ways that I could expand this into a full-time job. I spent nearly 6 years photographing sessions and weddings on the side of a full-time job, and even had my very first studio space in downtown Terre Haute that I put all my heart and soul into after I would put my time in at my "real job". In 2006 I made the scary decision to jump in head-first. I officially started my own business. I was pregnant, just bought a house and said good-bye to my steady paycheck. The pressure could not have been more ON to make this really happen. Through many stages of growth, I helped introduce the Wabash Valley to a lifestyle approach to documenting people's most amazing milestones and was greeted with support and excitement from those who I put in front of my lens. Since that date, our studio has photographed hundreds of sessions per year (including families, seniors and boudoir sessions) and on October 13, 2012 we photographed our 200th wedding. It has been an amazing 6 years. Every step of the way in building the Roxy Studio, I knew one thing. My favorite part about being a photographer wasn't even about taking pictures. It was the indescribable feeling that someone gets when they see beautiful images of themselves. IT IS A SURGE OF OVERWHELMING EXCITEMENT, A BOOST OF SELF-CONFIDENCE AND A SENSE OF PRIDE, THAT YES - THESE PICTURE ARE OF ME! NOT ONLY DO I LOOK AMAZING, I FEEL AMAZING TOO. I can't explain into words how being able to provide this feeling to our clients warms my soul. It's why I do what I do. It's what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning and spend my days figuring out how I can do it better. And from now on, this FEELING is what I want to be what defines the Roxy Studio. Not simply photographs, but photographs that tell a story, are connected, and convey an unmatched energy that you can FEEL. SO, hold on tight - this next phase will knock your socks off and we would love to have you be a part of OUR story.....because we want to tell YOUR story with beautiful images. Hugs to you all! Samantha McG

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683 Wabash Avenue Suite 203
Terre Haute IN



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