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Mix Morning Show

On Air:
Weekdays, 6am - 10am; Saturdays, 6am - 10am
Kelsey Gronda, Shawn Powers
  • About the Show

    Shawn & Kelsey get you out of bed & help you start your day with features like the Always Sun Tanning Warm Up Question of the day, The Mix Mindbender, Kelsey's Quickies on the 50s, 7:47 Flight Back Into Time, Sip on This, The Feel Good Moment, plenty of Hit Music and lots of banter about what's happening around Terre Haute & the world.

    Show Hosts

    • Kelsey Gronda

      About Me: I’m 24 years young and from the great state of Michigan. I’m a die hard Tiger’s fan and you can hear my loud laugh on the Mix Morning Show.

      Likes: Long, romantic walks to the fridge, my furry daughter Lilly, who is actually a pug and good beer. This is besides the obvious- family, friends, etc.

      Dislikes: Clowns and spiders.

      College: I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts from Central Michigan University.

      Career: After college, I worked in Saginaw, Michigan in Top 40 radio for a few months before relocating to Terre Haute.

      Off Air Life: I can usually be found with my pup exploring the city, curled up with a good book or watching reality television. Obviously, I try to lead the most exciting life I possibly can.

      Favorite Movies: My Best Friend’s Wedding, 500 Days of Summer, and classic horror movies.

      Favorite Music: When I say I listen to everything, I really mean it! T. Swift is my best friend, she just doesn’t know it yet. Demi Lovato, Imagine Dragons, Phillip Phillips, Paramore… I could go on for hours.

      Favorite Food: CARBS and potatoes in all of their glorious forms.

      Favorite Drink: Coffee and good beer.

      Favorite Quote: Anything Melissa McCarthy has ever said. I try and quote Bridesmaids in every conversation.

      One Random Fact: If I could possess one superpower, it would be the ability to pause time so I can nap whenever and wherever I want.

    • Shawn Powers

      OK. What’s there to tell about little old me? Hmmm, let’s see. How bout this: I was born to both my parents who for some crazy reason loved me and took me in anyways.

      Got into radio when I was in the 3rd grade, well, actually, I became HIGHLY interested in the radio broadcasting field when I was 8 & knew I wanted to do radio for the rest of my life (yes, I’m certifiable).

      How I found my way to Terre Haute (long boring story, so if you don’t wanna read it, I can understand, but for those of you who are still reading this…read on): I started ACTUALLY in radio when I was 14, in high school, through a school program where I would go to school and Intern at the station in the afternoons. So that’s what I did. I was a sponge. Taking it ALL in and doing whatever it took to eventually crack the mic & go on the air.

      I hung out at several radio stations until I graduated high school. After high school, I was hired full time for an AM Hip Hop station, which turned to a Black Gospel format, which I stuck around and was moved from overnights to afternoon drive. From there, I went to a Christian Rock station, then onto my favorite format TOP 40.

      After bouncing around Toledo for about 12 years, I finally decided to venture out of Ohio and my radio adventure really began. I did time in Charleston, WV; Charleston, SC; Rockford, IL; Chicago (yeah, Bears), Madison, WI; back to Toledo for a short stint, onto Flint, MI; Canton, OH and now Terre Haute.

      I’ve been involved with the Programming side of things for the past 13 years. Learning from the best in the biz.

      Cool things that you may be interested in knowing about me:

      • I’m the middle child – so YES, I do have that MC Syndrome.
      • I’ve spent a quarter century in this whacked out business
      • I live my life 100% by Faith in God
      • I LOVE LOVE LOVE College Football (Go Blue, baby!)
      • I LOVE popcorn (movie theatre is BEST)
      • I have a wife & 2 kids (1 of each; both in elementary school)
      • I’m VERY tight with my family back home
      • I’ve worked for pretty much every radio format out there
      • I’ve worked for every part of a radio station (except sales)
      • I lost my dad when I was 14. THAT was rough (he was 36)
      • My mini-van is actually called “The Hooptie”
      • I own a really cool Vegas style slot machine, that takes real money
      • I LOVE playing Golf, going to casinos, and just chillin with my family/friends
      • Don’t have a Favorite song or genre…I love ALL music (except Opera and that horrible “Call JG Wentworth” Opera song)
      • I CAN be bribed
      • I LOVE Summer and Fall the best
      • I watch movies A LOT; I have a vast collection of VHS & BETA-MAX video tapes still
      • I own an Intellivision Gaming System (from 1979) and it STILL works

      Anything else you wanna know about me, just ask. Let’s get this afternoon show ROCKIN!