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AUDIO: Asher Roth Feat. Justin Bieber & Chris Brown - "Actin' Up"

by JT

Asher Roth, he created the College anthem back in 2008 with "I Love College" , then he  disappeared like most of those artists that create one hit under-wonders. Remember Spose?;) 

The thing is though, Asher Roth surrounded himself with people in the music business that do more than play tippy cup, he's managed by Scooter Braun - the guy that discovered Justin Bieber - and When Asher's mix tape dropped today we shouldn't have been surprised to see Justin Bieber and Chris Brown make appearances! Check out, "Actin' Up" New & Now below.

What do you think, is Asher got something cookin' with this banger?

-JT @JTAfternoonshow