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WANT! 55 Inch Curved TV

by Nick Steele


Do you want to have the coolest looking TV among all your friends? Well, whom ever is the first to get this TV will be that person. Check out the beautiful 55 inch curved TV from LG. Check out this story from Mashable.com

Two weeks after LG's announcements it will launch a curved OLED TV "later this year," the first such 55-inch device here, available for pre-order in South Korea.

The 55EA9800, as it's called, brings what LG calls an "IMAX-like" experience of the home, with the entire screen surface being equidistant from the viewer's eyes. We haven't thoroughly tested a curved OLED screen yet, so we can't vouch that this entire curved screen business makes the viewing experience better, but it sure looks good, as you can see in the picture above.

The TV is 4.3 millimeters (0.17 inches) thin, weighs 17 kilograms (37.48 pounds), and features LG's WRGB and Color Refiner technologies, which should result in great color and vibrant,