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Star Trek Inspired Laptop For Auction

by Nick Steele

Acer is auctioning off their laptop that was inspired by the Enterprise from Star Trek. The description from Mashable.com reads:

The device has a Star Trek-esque vibe, with its unique hinged design resembling the series' Starship Enterprise. Acer added even more trekkiness to the auction by including a Star Treklogo on the Aspire R7, a logo-adorned sleeve and other goodies such as aStar Trek Into Darkness poster signed by the film crew. 

Acer made 25 of these special laptops but only one will be up for auction on Ebay. The proceeds from the sale will go to benefit 2 different charities: "The Mission Continues" and "Save the Children." 

The auction will run from June 14th through the 24th. To see the specks, watch a teaser commercial and read more about it you can go to Mashable.com