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11 Legal Things Banned in Other Countries

by Nick Steele

There are some things on this list that will make you proud to be living in America, and others will make you wonder why we haven't done anything yet. The folks over at MentalFloss.com came up with a list of 11 things that are illegal in several other countries but are still very much legal here in America.

Here is the list, if you would like to read the reasons behind their ban click HERE  

1. Babywalkers - Canada

2. Ketchup in School Cafeterias - France

3. Incandescent Light Bulbs - Cuba, Argentina

4. Mullets - Iran

5. Plastic Bags - Bangladesh & several others

6. Spanking - Sweden

7. BHA & BTA Preservatives - 160 Countries

8. Chewing Gum - Singapore

9. McDonald's - Bolivia

10. Weird Baby Names - Denmark, New Zealand

11. Tobacco - Bhutan

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