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Winning Lottery Numbers From the Sticker on a Orange?!

by Tommy Fox

Samuel Deleon Reyes of Providence, Rhode Island won the lottery last Wednesday . . . because of a piece of FRUIT. (His age wasn't given, but he looks like he's in his late 30s.)

He bought two tickets for the four-digit Daily Number from the Rhode Island State Lottery . . . and decided to play the SAME number on both of them.

He played the number 3107 . . . which he got from the supermarket price sticker on his ORANGE. 

Each ticket was worth $5,000, so Samuel walked away with a check for $10,000.  He's already spent the money on a trip to Puerto Rico.

ANOTHER lottery winner came forward last week who ALSO used a fruit sticker to pick his winning numbers.  He won $2,604 . . . but they didn't give his name or say what type of fruit he used.