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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday May 15th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Lindsay Lohan is a party pooper.  Celebrity Roast Master Jeff Ross agreed with his colleagues on the idea of approaching Lindsay Lohan for Comedy Centrals Celebrity Roast this fall.  He thought It’d be funny to roast her up fresh out of rehab….and IT WOULD, but she turned it down and doesn’t want any part of it!  If there’s one thing to be learned from Alec Baldwin it’s that you can defuse pretty much any kind of negative publicity with humor alone.  Whatever Lindsay.

And What’s up with the Taylor Swift Obsession?!  I don’t get it…she’s talented, she’s relatively attractive….but the obsession?  Don’t get it…..so anyways last night…a 22 year old guy from the Chicago area pulled a major creeper move and decided to swim to Taylors Beach House!  Because obviously you can’t just drive up to her house with the security so he hops in the ocean instead…swims a ways down to her house….he was intercepted by cops getting out of the water…when they asked what he was doing he replies, “Just finishing my swim to Taylors house”….what a creeper, he was booked on trespassing charges……did he think Taylor would be like, “Oh hey!  Thanks for swimming to my house, can I get you something to drink?”

And if you didn’t hear….George Lucas turned 69 yesterday:  . . . Lucas celebrated with the same cake he always does, but digitally added more candles so he could charge people to see it…..No just kidding. . . He celebrated by making awful prequels to his 34th birthday.