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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday June 5th 2013

by Tommy Fox

-  So Joe Francis, Founder and honcho of Girls Gone Wild is now at the center of a SEX TAPE SCANDAL!  In the tape, it’s him and his girlfriend Abbey Wilson.  Abbey is the 2012 winner of the Girls Gone Wild “Search For The Hottest Girl In America”….I like how the winner of that coincidentally becomes Joe Francis’s girlfriend.  Supposedly the footage was on her ipad which got stolen from her bag at LAX last month.  Now its be shopped and someone is trying to sell it.  Joes lawyer is trying to put a stop to it as it is a crime technically.

-  Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s daughter has officially been EVICTED.  Bobbi decided to leave a really nasty letter on her neighbors door too.  The neighbor that is allegedly responsible for the eviction.  It reads… "Thanks

You are sh*t at the bottom of our shoe.

Thank You for making a hard year harder.

You are a miserable couple and always will be.

You were honored to have us living above you and you couldn't stand such a young beautiful couple far more successful than you ever will be.  

I pray your misery doesn't rub off on your innocent little baby."

harsh words….probably better they moved out anyway from the sounds of it.

-  Sesame Street is running a campaign to promote kids to go outside.  I think that’s hilarious, that these days with tablets, smartphones, internet, cable, gaming systems…you actually have to PROMOTE for kids to go outside.  They are also encouraging kids to talk to birds and find new friends in trashcans, so there is that too.