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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Tuesday June 11th 2013

by Tommy Fox

2 Chainz just got busted at LAX today for trying to board a plane with marijuana….smart guy.

Kim Kardashians BFF Jonathan Cheban was on a plane from JFK to LAX and he was sitting next to a girl who obviously knew who he was and didn’t like him.  So she got on twitter and made a bad joke about wanting to stab him him….well, that’s all it took to get herself escorted off the plane by authorities and interrogated.  Moral of the story, don’t ,make violent jokes on a plane….even if the guy is a tool. 

Terminator 2 Actor Edward Furlong is back in jail because the judge raised his bail to $100,000.  Lets see, domestic violence on his ex girlfriend numerous times, fired from films because of it.  Consistently violating restraining orders.  I don’t even think he could get casted for a Lifetime movie at this point.

Megan Fox will reportedly make a short  appearance in the fourth"Transformers" movie….which might actually make it worth watching.