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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Tuesday July 23rd 2013

by Tommy Fox

So TMZ is roasting Aaron Rodgers now for not paying up on a 2nd lost bet.  One fan challenged Rodgers, saying, “you really believe Braun didn’t use performance enhancing drugs???” And Rodgers responded: “ya, I’d put my salary next year on it.”…Here’s the thing.  These little statements that Rodgers makes aren’t actually bets unless an actual BET is MADE!  I could say to anyone, “Yeah I’d bet my house the Packers win the Superbowl this year!”, and if they didn’t it’s not like I OWE MY HOUSE TO SOMEONE!  Why?  Because the term I’D is short for I WOULD, not I DID.  Aaron should just make more “I’d” bets for everything now just to show he doesn’t care.

There's talk George Clooney and Eva Longoria are dating.  Talk that will quickly come to an end once he realizes she's over 28.

And the ROYAL BABY!  Media coverage on the whole thing going strong from all angles!  It’s almost as if it’s the most important baby that’s ever been born!  Not that it’s not important, I love babies, congrats to Kate on the BABY BOY…..Once the royal baby arrived, a document was signed by a member of the royal medical staff and driven by police escort to Buckingham Palace where the official birth announcement was made.  The whole thing involved almost as much ceremonial pageantry as Gwyneth Paltrow's evening bath.