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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday May 30th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Steve Nash, who plays for the LA Lakers did some major LA bashing in court today.  In the the legal battle with his ex-wife he said point blank, “I don’t want my kids to grow up in LA”…he thinks LA is the worst place to raise kids.  He said he’d consider San Diego.  Obviously his Ex was very upset about it as she wants to move to LA with the kids.  I agree with him though…..according to many friends and relatives who have lived there I guess it actually IS the worst place to raise kids.

Justin Bieber, Unreal…in the wake of the last few days and his continued reckless behavior, crazy driving, numerous police calls…..Police actually pulled over his Ferrari today after it raced out of his neighborhood, but Justin wasn’t in thecar, it was his best bud lil twist..same guy who was driving his Ferrari when that paparazzi was killed chasing it earlier this year…and cops let him off with a warning!  A lot of people were like, Whah?.....yeah, because they don’t want his buddy!  The police want BIEBER!!  Careful Justin, the entire police force in Cali is out to get ya!

Lindsay Lohan trying to MEND HER PARENTS Together!  As part of her Betty Ford Rehab requirement, she has to have family counseling with her mother AND father present.  Well, Dina and Michael didn’t want to do that.  However, Lindsay’s been trying to reconcile the two and must have made them promise to have lunch together because that’s what her parents did today in Hollywood….and it worked….there’s reports of them joking, laughing and being very friendly…..so it looks like your all clear for counseling LILO!! 

Cee-Lo turns 39 today.  So if you see him, give him a medium five…since he can’t really do the high five thing.