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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday June 6th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So the aftermath of the suicide attempt by Paris Jackson....The family says they are coping fine.  Sounds like some psychological issues that need to be delt with.  Looks like the family support is there.....on to the next....

Justin Bieber!  This kid is acting a fool again.  He had his second paparazzi run-in inside a week in Miami.  Yesterday he told his security d-bags to literally attack a pappo and steal his camera.  The guy begs and pleads to let him have his camera.  He decides to let the guy have his camera, but said, quote, "You can have your camera, but I'm taking your memory card".  Who does Justin think he is?!

CNN is launching a new morning show called "NEW DAY" to go up against "GOOD MORNING AMERICA" and "TODAY".  So it will be a nice new little morning show to help them inaccurately broadcast cooking recipes and diets among everything else.