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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday July 18th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So the DJ that Justin Bieber allegedly but probably for sure SPIT ON on in Ohio the other night filed a police report on the incident.  I guess Justin trashed his mother, trashed his father, trashed him and then spit in his face.  I guess he doesn’t want to go any further than the police report right now, but, I find it funny that after the incident the DJ immediately went out and got tested for Hepatitis…..I probably would too.

Lindsay Lohan is getting $2 million to do her reality show.  To put that number in perspective, take Lindsay Lohan's current income, then add two million dollars.

Courtney Stodden and Amanda Bynes are engaged in a Twitter war:

  . . . While it's difficult to tell who the winner is, the loser is America, for being a place where this story somehow counts as "news."

Kris Jenner says there may be a Kim and Kanye wedding in the future.  She didn't specify when, but my guess is "sweeps."

Robert Downey Jr. is the highest paid actor in Hollywood

. . . Quite a switch from when he was just the HIGHEST actor in Hollywood.