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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday August 9th

by Tommy Fox

Robbie Knievel!  Ya know…..Legendary daredevil EVIL Knivels son….who is his father’s son and also likes the dare devil lifestyle…well he was arrested recently for DUI in his motorhome and I guess he called into TMZ today and said a lot of things that…maybe he shouldn’t have said, but then again he probably doesn’t care either.  He said “I’m a cowboy, not a redneck, but love whiskey.  He said he’s always been an alcoholic and always will be and will never do anything about it.  He said he drinks and drives motorcycles because that’s his deal.  He said he shouldn’t be drinking and driving because he could kill someone, and it would be a lot better if he killed himself, but he’s not suicidal…..However, I do think he may be a little crazy.

Kenny Ortega had some truthful harsh words in the Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial today.  He basically said that MJ is responsible for what led to his death.  He said Michael was not acting responsibly at all.  He also said that MJ and Dr. Conrad Murray were in charge of anything having to do with MJ’s well being and no one could do anything about it.

Kim Kardashian's launching a clothing line for babies….ya know, because her new child being a baby isn ‘t a good excuse to not be profiting the family somehow.