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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday August 5th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Bieber and his boys being investigated for yet another incident!  Saturday night Justin and his crew go into the VIP section of south point nightclub in South Hampton.  A woman approaches to talk to Bieber and gets denied….then I guess she returns again and has this guy with her (The alleged victim)….the guy and Bieber exchange words and I guess Justin Flips out….rips his shirt off and starts yelling and screaming at the guy…all while being held back by his boys…..So the Biebs and his crew leave the club, and I guess things escalated again in the parking lot…and the guy got beat so bad that he was laying in the parking lot and had to go to the hospital!  What is with this kid!  And why is he always ripping his shirt off everywhere!?  And why is always flipping out at people?!!

Simon Cowell is upset about all this bad press he is getting from knocking up his friends wife.  His baby mama Lauren Silverman is going through a divorce with hubby Andrew and now Simon is pressuring her to settle so the media attention on it SETTLES DOWN.  I guess Simon made it clear to her that because of the Prenup she won’t get much and he will make a way better offer to her on the side to end it quickly! 

Rumors are that J-Lo and Kieth Urban are going to return to American Idol……But If I were them I’d be worried about the audience returning to American Idol this next season.