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Tommy's FOXERAZZI May 13th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Tiger Woods WINS!!!  Tell ya what…..you look at his win percentage this year and it’s pretty clear he’s out to win everything if he can!  I predict at least 3 if not 4 or more wins this season alone.  Will one of em be a Major….hmmm….Maybe.

Lindsay Lohan….after only 12 days in her 90 day required rehab….is already screaming to get out of there….I guess there was a disagreement with doctors over her meds and now she wants to immediately leave.  The county attorneys aren’t having it, and if she leaves will serve jail time.  Well, I’m  say Jail will be worse than the Betty Ford Clinic…so she should stop whining.

Martha Stewart…..Started up a profile on Match.Com and just recently went on her first internet connected DATE with a guy that sells International Steel.  No word on how successful it was.

Snoop Lion has paid off a back tax bill of $546,000.  Snoop came up with the money by giving up pot for a week.