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Tommy's FOXERAZZI July 30th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Kristen Stewart got really mad at the paparazzi yesterday.  One of em caught up with her and she kinda hid behind this fence where you could kind of see her but not really well…..and she said a lot of very mean vulgar things that I can’t repeat on the radio, but one of them was when she told the guy, “You don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do!”….Calm down Kristen….you knew the Paparazzi would be a factor the day you took the Twil;ight role!

Eddie Murphy has signed on to do a fourth"Beverly Hills Cop" movie….pretty dangerous move now-a-days because that movie will either be REALLY GOOD, or REALLY BAD…and it scares me that it may be leaning toward the latter.

Miley Cyrus revealed she enjoys smoking weed……right, because nobody knew that Miley…..major news there.

Doctors extended Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hold until she's well.  In other words, Amanda Bynes will never leave her psychiatric hold.