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Tommy's FOXERAZZI July 25th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Amanda Bynes parents have now filed for conservatorship on their daughter…..because that’s what happens when you have no clue how to function your own adult life.

Officials say after reviewing this week's fire evidence, Amanda Bynes won't be charged with a crime.  But after posting that selfie, Geraldo WILL.

Geraldo Rivera said he had been drinking when he posted that half-naked picture of himself on Twitter . . . still no excuse for that mustache.

 So with all the Anthony Wiener statements this week the cats out of the bag!  Sydney Elaine Leathers is Anthony Wieners latest sexting partner…..and today the sexting pics are all over cyberspace…and he was sexting with her..AFTER…the sexting scandal came out on him and he SAID he was done with it….but he now admitted to the sexting with her and says he really IS done with it all this time.....Riiiiigggghhhhht.