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Tommy's FOXERAZZI July 24th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Ten black previous "American Idol" contestants from numerous seasons filed a lawsuit against the show.  They claim being unjustly booted because of their race ... and they EACH want $25 million ... minimum.  Their accusingproducers of a "cruel and inhumane" scheme to exploit them for ratings by illegally digging up their arrest histories and using records to humiliate them on national TV…..wow…25 Million each!  That’s way more than if they would have WON the competition itself….we’’ll see how that turns out.

..And Dancing With The Stars is interested in PAULA DEEN!!  Lol, not sure if that would be the best move for her, but it would be great for Dancing With The Stars Ratings.

And it’s now being said by the people involved that Amanda Bynes is showing signs of Schizophrenia.  She’s now being kept on an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold…finally.

The Royal BABY!!  Prince George Alexander…..I’m kinda with TMZ on this one that it’s a play right out of the ROYAL PLAYBOOK and kinda boring….yay…another PRINCE GEORGE!  Never heard that one before.

Courtney Love is writing a memoir. It will cover the years of her life she remembers…..  based on that I’m guessing it will be about two pages long.