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Tommys FOXERAZZI July 17th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Charlie Sheen is now officially a Grandpa!  His 28 year old daughter Cassandra Esteves gave birth to a baby girl named Luna…and Charlie in his own winning way made a creative Sheen style comment, "It's impossibly a most wondrous day. My bucket list is a thimble!”…Whatever that means.

They're making Honey Boo Boo scratch 'n' sniff cards.  Just one question?  What does sad smell like?

Oprah Winfrey's network has signed Lindsay Lohan to an eight episode "docu-series" about her struggles.  Calling it a "docu-series" makes it sound classy and not at all like a trashy reality show exploiting a family of freckled booze-hounds.