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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Friday June 28th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So it’s official that Paula Deen’s Empire has officially been nuked this week. Before today QVC, Walmart and Target dropped her…and now Kmart, Sears, JC Penny and he publisher have jumped the Paula Deen Ship too. I can’t imagine she has that many more?!


Megalomaniac Justin Bieber has a funny stipulation on his Rider for photo shoots. TMZ got a hold of one and it has a lot of ridiculous things on it, but one of the demands is..”No Selena Gomez Music On The Set!”….ahh….Justin does hearing Selena push one of your buttons!?...Speaking of The Biebs, I called it a few weeks ago….when he and his security assaulted the Paparazzi and stole his memory card….Yep…the Paparazzi is suing the Biebs now….


 And 66-year-old James Woods …great actor…The Hard Way, Casino, among others…anyway, he’s 66 now dating a 20-year-old bombshell…... And suddenly the whole Courtney Stodden thing seems old-fashioned.