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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Friday July 12th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Tara Ried, best known for her role in American Pie…..has decided she’s down to do the sequal to Sharknado!  A movie I haven’t heard of until today when I read about this…from the looks of the box cover it seems horrible without even seeing the trailer…..but hey at least she’s workin right?  Way to go Tara…I think.

And more on Bieber!  This time his camp is being very vocal about the fact that they think his BFF’s are a bad influence on him….for usual reasons..ya know..weed, Neighborhood fights, sizzurp, peeing in buckets, assaulting paparazzi etc….but Justin said he won’t cut em loose because they are true friends….I think I just threw up.

Madonna says her teenage daughter no longer wants to talk to her . . . Not to be confused with the rest of the world, which no longer wants to LISTEN to her….but fortunately, not all teenagers feel the same.  Which is why Madonna still has boyfriends.