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Tommy's FOXERAZZI for Thursday May 16th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Ex NASCAR Racer Dick Trickle….and more importantly…WISCONSIN LOCAL RACING LEGEND…..committed suicide!  He was 71.  Super sad, sources close to him said he was ill and depressed….he did leave a note…..but they obviously haven’t released it and quite possibly never will.  Thoughts to the family.

Teen Mom star and terrible mother example Farrah Abraham has her eye on buying a 3.3 million dollar pad in the exclusive hood that Justin Bieber and other celebs live in………I guess her adult film cool Million put her just over the edge to be able to purchase 3 million dollars houses.  All is well, until her daughter finds out how her mom made all the money.

Tonight, NBC airs the final episode of"The Office"….big deal for some and not a big deal at all for others….let’s be honest, the show has to end….the final episode is airing on the two-year anniversary of the show's final laugh.