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Tommy's FOXERAZZI August 6th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So it was a scary day yesterday for Usher as his 5 year old son almost drowned in his pool at his mansion.  Usher wasn’t there, but the 911 call was placed by the aunt Rena Oden.  They resuscitated the child and rushed him to the hospital.  He’s fine now, but Ushers Ex has filed emergency legal docs for full custody because she feels the children aren’t safe….bad week for Usher and Family….gotta watch 5 year olds near a pool.  Scary.

And this is kinda funny, J-Lo said that she spends an hour in the Gym before every concert.  Simon Cowell has the same routine before going on X-Factor but he spends it with his friends wives.

And speculative rumor has it that Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are being looked at for the new role as Batman!  Not sure if that’s the right role for Gosling, but I can see Brolin as Batman.

Speaking of Ryan Gosling, after a survey he is the celebrity most women would want to see in a sex tape.  WHAT!?  How did Gosling beat out Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan?!