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Tommy FOXERAZZI Friday August 2nd 2013

by Tommy Fox

Andrew Silverman the real estate mogul who’s WIFE is pregnant with his good friend Simon Cowells BABY!  Well, I wondered this the other day and today it came out.  Andrew Silverman is shocked, disappointed and humiliated over the whole thing…..No word from Simon on any of it….but something tells me they may not be friends anymore….just a hunch.

Matt Lauer was shut down in his attempt at an Interview with Clevelend Kidnapper Ariel Castro….Matt was pretty slick too, because he just showed up at the jail and said he was there to interview Ariel Castro…like it was pre-planned.  I guess it was just bad timing because during that time media was off limits….Nice try Matt!

Tiger Woods almost beat his lowest competitive round record and shot a 61 in round 2 at the Bridgestone.  Wow….thats some really good golf there.

And Ryan Braun has been dropped by Nike over Steroid Use…..Nike obviously has no tolerance for the juicing,,,,,but if your cheating on your wife with a million other women across America….Thats no big deal…right Tiger?!