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This Seems A Little Out of Hand

by Tommy Fox

The only surprise here is that no one's been stabbed for this before.  And thank goodness.  If this were the norm I'm sure the crime rate would be much higher.

Last Tuesday, 37-year-old Deborah Ann Burns of Immokalee, Florida was watching TV.  Her boyfriend, 53-year-old Willie Butler, walked past her.  And just as he did . . . he BROKE WIND right in her FACE. 

Deborah immediately started yelling at Willie.  He told her to shut up.  So she grabbed an eight-inch KNIFE out of the kitchen and THREW IT at Willie.  It hit him in the stomach, and he suffered a minor cut.  

When the cops asked Deborah why she'd thrown the knife, she told them, quote, "[he] farted in my face." 

Deborah was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  She's served almost two years in prison in the past for a felony conviction for aggravated assault with a weapon and battery on a law enforcement officer.