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Police in Florida Are Warning Men: Watch Out For a Group of Hot Women Who Pick You Up Just to Drug You and Rob You

by Tommy Fox

There's a gang of female robbers in south Florida who are making a fortune ONLY because deep down, every man believes he's an irresistible Casanova who can land a threesome just by standing there and looking cool.

Police in Broward County, Florida are warning men to watch out for a group of women who flirt with guys, go home with the guys . . . then drug them and rob them.

In the past five months, at LEAST 13 men have been robbed by women with this same M.O. And that's just the 13 men who weren't too embarrassed to admit it.

This is how it works. The women go to fancy bars and clubs and look for rich guys. They flirt, make the guy think they want to have sex with him, then head back to his house. They slip something in his drink and steal Rolexes, iPads, and credit cards

The women give names like Crystal, Liza, and Heaven. In the 13 reported cases, they've stolen more than $300,000 in cash and other expensive stuff. These women are still on the loose.