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How many women has the average guy been with? What percentage of guys cheat? ...and more...

by Tommy Fox

According to a new sex survey from"Cosmopolitan", the average man is WAY less sexually experienced than he'd like you to believe.  And because he's had so little sex . . . he's randomly horny and in a state of constant regret.

Here are five findings from the survey . . .

1.  The average man has had sex with just THREE WOMEN or less.

2.  So, naturally, the most common REGRET men have about their sexual past is . . . they wish they'd had sex with more women.  The number two regret is wishing they'd been more adventurous.

3.  HALF of men in a relationship secretly wish they could have sex with a female friend . . . 32% wish they could have sex with a friend's girlfriend . . . 32% want to have sex with an ex again . . . and 18% wish they could have sex with a coworker.

4.  42% of men surveyed say they've cheated on a girlfriend or their wife.  Four out of five felt guilty afterward.

5.  28% of men have tried BONDAGE, and another 23% want to.