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A guy got caught shoplifting but thought it was okay... because of the name of the store.

by Tommy Fox

So this dude was caught on a surveillance tape this week, stealing a grill from the front porch of a thrift shop in Derry, New Hampshire. (13 miles southeast of Manchester).



The guy’s name is Ruben Pavon, and he claims he is INNOCENT. In fact, he admitted to taking it. However, he has a pretty solid excuse: he thought it was okay…. Because the name of the store is ….. ‘Finders Keepers.’ SO he thought the grill was FREE.

Not only that but Ruben has also admitted that this is not the first time he has helped himself to something he found on the porch of Finders Keepers. He took a DVD players a few weeks ago, but that time he got away with it.

SO he came back this past weekend, at night ….with his SON…who helped him carry the grill of the front porch.

And he really didn’t know it was stealing? I wonder if he graduated high school too?