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4 Year Old "Elected" Mayor

by Tommy Fox

I bet this story will have Fulin, the Shunzhi Emperor rolling in his grave.  That's because Fulin, the Shunzhi Emperor became Emperor at age 5.  This mayor kid may not be ruling empires, but he rules for the youngest ever in power.

You've probably never heard of Dorset, Minnesota.  It's a TINY town in central Minnesota with 22 residents.  But THIS is going to get them on the map.

The new mayor of Dorset is . . . a FOUR-YEAR-OLD.  His name is Robert "Bobbie" Tufts, and obviously he's the youngest mayor in the country.

Dorset doesn't hold elections for mayor . . . they just put everyone's name in a hat and pick out the mayor for the year.  And this year, Bobbie won.

It's not entirely clear what his job duties are as mayor . . . we're guessing it's just a few public appearances and nothing else. 

Other than having a random mayor, Dorset's other attempted claim to fame is calling itself the "Restaurant Capital of the World" . . . because they have more restaurants per capita than any other city.  I think the mayor thing is a better angle.