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Why Would This Guy Steal Almost A Half Million Dollars Of Human Skin? WEIRD!

by Tommy Fox

If you're friends with 54-year-old Gary Dudek of Wallingford, Pennsylvania and he invites you over to "see something cool" . . . DON'T GO!

Gary was a sales rep for a medical supply company that provided skin grafts to Mercy Philadelphia Hospital. And they had an open account with him to order as much human skin as they needed.

But from November of 2011 through July of last year, Gary ran up a bunch of extra skin grafts on their account without anyone knowing . . . so he could HOARD it.

The police eventually investigated him . . . and found he'd stolen $357,000 worth of human skin. He was arrested last week.

Now, He DID get paid a commission on all of the fake sales, but still, no one's quite sure WHY he stole all that human skin.

Hopefully it was just because he was going to resell it . . . and not because he was building a human suit in his secret laboratory or something.

Source: ( NBC 10 - Philadelphia )