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The 10 Jobs We'd Do If We Could Quit Our Real Jobs

by Tommy Fox

Even if you're happy at work, you've wondered what it would be like to switch to your DREAM JOB. And if you haven't . . . here are some other people's dream jobs to steal.

A new survey found 49% of people are unhappy enough at work that they'd love to switch careers . . . and found the top 10 dream jobs people WISH they could do if they quit their real jobs. Check 'em out . . .

1. Start a restaurant.

2. Run a bed and breakfast in another country.

3. Write a novel. (Good luck making money on this one. Sincerely, guy who once wrote a book.)

4. Own a bar.

5. Become a chocolate taster.

6. Travel writer.

7. Photographer.

8. Gardener.

9. Artist.

10. Food critic.