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Some Women Think Thongs Are Too Conservative And Are The NEW GRANNY PANTY. Here's The Solution.

by Tommy Fox

Are you sick of wearing thongs and G-strings because they're just too BULKY, too conservative, and cover you up too much? Here's your answer . . . besides just going commando.

Instead of a G-string, go with a C-STRING. It's a relatively new type of underwear that just covers you in the front, loops between your legs, and covers a little of your crack. There's no waistband . . . it holds itself in place thanks to a wire inside.

It's almost like a maxi pad . . . but way thinner, and stays in place on its own.

If you're having a hard time picturing it, check out the photos on Buzzfeed. Just Google " The C-String Makes The Average Thong Look Like Granny Panties ." Just be careful . . . they're not quite safe-for-work. See them by clicking HERE

We found them on sale in a bunch of different colors and patterns on Amazon for under $5 each. Sounds cheap, but you're REALLY not getting a lot of material here.

( Buzzfeed )