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Some 4th Of July Stats To Keep In Mind Before You Light The Wick.

by Tommy Fox

Fireworks on the 4th! Most people, especially males love lighting them off. However, danger lurks. Keep these stats in mind and you will probably be a little safer this 4th of July.

9,140 people a year on average are injured by fireworks and

An average of 6.6 people die every year because of a lack of fireworks safety.

Of all the fireworks related injuries sustained in the United States 68 percent of these were males compared to 32 percent of females.

And from this 26 percent were children under the age of 15.

An estimated 1,200 emergency department treated injuries in 2012 were associated with firecrackers, 600 from sparklers and 400 from bottle rockets.

In fact more than 400 Americans will lose sight in one or both eyes due to firework injuries.

most injuries were associated with malfunctioning or misused fireworks.