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Justin Bieber Fans Respond To His recent Behavior. It's pretty disturbing.

by Tommy Fox

JUSTIN BIEBER was finally caught doing something INDEFENSIBLE . . . but that STILL isn't stopping his completely delusional "Beliebers" from Tweeting about how he's the VICTIM. Here are some of them:

@StylishBill: "He's just drunk . . . I mean why have him in handcuffs? This is so stupid. It's only because this is 'Justin Bieber' and they want him to fall."

@chey_says_hey: "But everyone's blaming Justin. It's not his fault, it's society and the media's fault."

@TWLSJANOSKIANS: "People drink and drive all the time, and you never hear about it. The only reason that it's such a big deal now is because it's Justin Bieber."

@hisbelieber_98: "Justin was arrested?? He didn't do anything . . ."

@missbieberabi: "It's not Justin's fault!! He had his childhood lost!! And he's just making up for it maybe in the wrong way, but just leave him alone!!"

@SagLikeBieber: "Jesus, it's not our fault Justin was on anti-depressants. It's not even his fault. Some people are born with a serotonin deficiency. Me?"

@Richkid_life: "Justin Bieber didn't do anything we don't do everyday. He just got caught."

@suprabelieveJB: "@MiamiBeachPD [Eff] you. Justin innocent."

@stratfordbiebbz: "Justin is not a bad person. He's just lost. You know it's like screaming. But no one can hear it." (???)

@juxtinsbaby: "Justin is human. He isn't perfect. He's going to make mistakes. But if you can't handle him at his worst, you don't deserve him at his best." (Ugh, is it possible for you to hear something like that and NOT cringe?)