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How To Win Any Argument No Matter What It's About!

by Tommy Fox

If you really want to win an argument and convince someone they're wrong, regardless of what it's about, BBC Future suggests the best ways to win is to ask the other person to explain exactly how their idea would work.

Their point in a nutshell is that EVEN if people don't know much about something they still form their own opinion on it....AND THAT mental shortcut allows people to have a COMPLETE OPINION on something without knowing exactly why or how their opinion is logically better.

So if you really want to derail someones opposing argument (REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE ARGUMENT IS), just ask them to explain exactly why and how its the most logical thinking. Most of the time according to the study, people will get stopped up and lost and end up defeating themselves in the argument without your help....unless they are just stubborn and ignorant... However, you have to be willing to do the same with your side of it too....so good luck in future arguments.


Bob: I'm sick of people saying the affordable care act is a bad thing. It's actually a great thing! More people have healthcare.

John: I disagree, I think it is going to eventually ruin our economy in the long run.

Bob: Whatever, John, your just like all the other republicans.

John: Ok, well, can you explain to me in detail, exactly how it's good for the economic well being of America?

Bob: ????(Chances are Bob won't know enough about it to give a sound answer despite his strong opinion)