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Halfway Through 2014. Here Are The Top 3 Most Ridiculous Celebs So Far This Year!

by Tommy Fox

Tommys Top 3 Most Ridiculous Celebs of the year so far..

3) Kimye! Otherwise known as the combination of Kim and Kanye. Ridiculous because of the narcissism, the stupid things they get dramatic and defensive over and just because they just are.

2) Gweneth Paltrow Comparing fame to being shot and raped, conscious uncoupling, and thinking water has feelings. Ridiculous.

1) Obviously, The top spot this year goes to Justin Bieber! Only because he is constantly, doing and saying ridiculous things and can never get it together. Mainly because hes brainwashed out of reality by Money and Fame. Im really hoping we dont hear a lot about him the second half of the year.