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Do These Ever Happen To You, but you wonder if they happen to others?!

by Tommy Fox

Is there something that happens to you ALL the time . . . but you have NO idea if it happens to anyone else?  Here are six things that happen to way more people than you realize . . .

1.  Walking into a room and completely forgetting why you went in there.

2.  Spilling on yourself when you take a drink.  It's fine if it happens to you a lot . . . plenty of people somehow still haven't fully mastered drinking.

3.  Putting your hands under an automatic sink faucet in a public bathroom and no water comes out.  You're not an invisible vampire, it just happens sometimes.

4.  Forgetting someone's name two seconds after you meet them.

5.  Walking past a cop and thinking to yourself, "What if I grabbed his gun?"

6. (CAREFUL!)  Examining toilet paper after you wipe, to figure out if you can fold it over and wipe again . . . or if you totally obliterated it and need to grab more.