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5 Compliments Men Hate Getting By women

by Tommy Fox

At this point, men suspect women are being passive-aggressive ALL the time. So check out six 'compliments' they HATE, ladies . . . because they think you mean something else.

1. "You're so cute." Men don't like to be called 'cute' because they know that's how women describe babies, kittens, and anything non-threatening.

2. "But I love you anyway." Guys don't like it when you tack this one on to the end of a criticism . . . it doesn't soften the blow, so don't bother.

3. "You're amazing." Women like to say it when guys do something simple like fix a leaky faucet or kill a spider. But guys think it's annoying when you're SHOCKED they can actually do something.

4. "It's the thought that counts" or "Thanks for trying." People say it when they open a gift they don't like. But it shoots down a guy's efforts, and it's like a slap in the face. It also makes guys not want to get you things in the first place.

5. "You're the best I've ever had." When a guy hears this, he automatically starts thinking about the men he's being compared to. Sure, he's the BEST, but now there are other men in the equation, and he's thinking about you in bed with ALL of them.

Source:  Womens Day