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1 in 5 Women Create a Fake Facebook To Stalk There Ex!

by Tommy Fox

After a breakup, it's a tradition to defriend your ex on Facebook . . . that way they're fully out of your life. But there's a problem . . . deep down you want to keep tabs on them, to make sure their life sucks and you're "winning" the break-up.

So here's one solution that TOTALLY doesn't make you seem crazy . . . according to a new survey, more than one in five women have created a FAKE Facebook profile so they can stalk their ex online.

The survey also found 19% of women have made contact with their ex when they were feeling weak or drunk . . . and regretted it.

Another 18% almost did, but managed to stop themselves.

And 30% of women say they wound up staying Facebook friends with their ex.

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