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A new NES! And it's NOT an emulator based system!

by Chris Hallack

This is cool.. a company called Analogue Interactive will be releasing an NES system that plays both Famicom and NES games, but it's unlike other systems that do the same.  This one isn't an emulator based system, in fact, it uses actual hardware, just not sure if it's recreated or they found something else.  The company does say no original Nintendo systems were harmed in the making of it.

You'll be able to play both Famicom and NES games in it (as stated earlier), it will also have four controller ports for your classic hardware.  The Nt is capable of outputting signal using raw RGB, component, S-Video, or composite connectors (that means you can run this bad boy on modern TVs if you wish).  The system itself will be made crafted from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum.

Pricing and availabilty will be released by the end of March. 

This will look great in my collection!!!

photo credit - Analogue NT