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Meet Janos Karancz, This Year’s Best Yo-Yo Handler

by Nick Vitrano

The debate over what is legitimate sport and what is mere recreation is a seemingly neverending discourse.  Golf, NASCAR, strong man competitions…spelling bee.  Hey, it’s on ESPN.  I think it’s fair to include spelling bee.  Every year, the spelling bee hits ESPN’s airwaves, and we all respond similarly: “Really ESPN?  The world wide leader in sports?”

Yo-yo most certainly falls in the recreation category, but unlike the spelling bee, I wish this had been shown on ESPN.  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Janos Karancz - your 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest Champion.  This dude is incredible.  I’m just wondering, why no shoes?  I would think you’d want that tootsie protection in the event of a mishap.  I don’t know.  I suck at yo-yo, so who am I to question this guy?