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No Gloves, No Problem

by Cade

So, the Minnesota Vikings finished the preseason at a perfect 4-0. We all know that preseason records don't amount to squat once the regular season starts next week. But, winning is always welcome and the Vikes escaped the preseason relatively healthy.

The preseason also gave us a glimpse into the future with rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy wasn't perfect, but he certainly has shown he has what it takes to make it in the NFL. Bridgewater went 30 of 49 with over 260 yards passing in the preseason with five touchdowns. He seemed to greatly improve from his first game a month ago. He now looks poised in the pocket, has a cannon for an arm and legs to match if the pocket collapses.

The main reason the Vikings were even able to select Bridgewater with the 31st pick in the first round of April's draft was that he had an awful "Pro-Day" at Louisville. He decided to shed the gloves that he has worn most of his life to show NFL teams he could throw without them. Fortunately, for Minnesota that plan backfired badly. Most of his throws were off target and lacked the zip that he had shown during his collegiate career.

Throughout Training Camp and the first three games of the preseason, he was wearing gloves. But, as he ran out onto LP Field in Nashville to take on the Titans in the final preseason game, something was missing. Dude, you forgot your gloves! Was this a mental mistake by a rookie? Did the Equipment Manager mess up? Nope. Teddy said after the game that during poor playing conditions like rain and what not, he prefers to NOT wear the gloves. None of this makes a bit of sense to me, but it seemed to work fine for him. TB ended up with some solid stats on a sloppy, rain-soaked field. He went 4 for 9 with a touchdown to Minnesota native Adam Thielen.

Not bad for not wearing gloves.

Teddy has the talent to be an elite NFL quarterback. It should only help for him to learn from watching a veteran like Matt Cassel. Teddy will eventually get his chance to shine.

Now we just want to know, when that will be and will he wear gloves?