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Some still remember!

by Jason Miller

I saw this article from Yahoo Sports a nd had a thought.  I just had a conversation about the fact that someone on the radio who has a ton of affiliates throughout the country has this problem.  He has forgotten where he came from and what he went through to get where he is.  Here is a guy who hasn't forgotten.  Matt Kemp is someone who your kids and you as parents can look up to.  Not only did Matt Kemp give the Jersey off his back a few weeks back to a kid, he has now flown this kid and his family to meet his teammates and others in the Dodgers organization. 

This is what Big Leaguer's need to pay attention to.  Not what everyone is making in monetary value's but the fulfillment in your insides.  Giving this young man a treat and a break, if only minutes, will forever live with him and his family.  This young man will always remember Matt Kemp just because he flew him out to LA, well that will help, but more he will remember Matt Kemp for being a friend and when you have a friend you always remember what they do for you. 

Here is something I didn't mention and it's on purpose...the young man has terminal cancer.  Joshua Jones has a short time left on this earth and Matt Kemp is doing something to make his time on this earth just a bit better.  And let’s remember, his best day is more like our worse.  Let's remember that just because you are an athlete doesn't make you special, but you can be a special person who becomes a great athlete to helps out people. 

Way to go Matt Kemp, you are a real life MVP (most valuable person).