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Peralta took the high road...forgiveness should follow...

by Jim McKinney

OK...I know winners never cheat, and cheaters never win (don't tell that to Barry Bonds, by the way)...but I believe that Detroit Tigers SS Jhonny Peralta will come out of the Biogenesis scandal ahead of the game...and in a much better place than a couple of his brethren (read Ryan "The Liar" Braun...and Alex "The Incredible Tool" Rodriguez).  Look...I realize that Peralta must have broken the rules...if not, he wouldn't be sitting out...but he DID own up to things...and that has to count for something.  Even Mark McGuire has gotten the benefit of some doubt, given he has worked in baseball since his testimony on the Hill.  What could be an issue for Peralta is the acquisition of Jose Iglesias...if this kid can hit anywhere around the .275 mark...he very well could be the SS of the future for Detroit...and Peralta will most likely be looking for a new home next season.  Nonetheless...if he does dive into the free agent pool...teams should be willing to take a chance on Peralta...he's a good veteran presence who deserves another chance at winning back the trust of the fans.