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Waffle House banning Belgian waffles in advance of today's World Cup match.

by Jon Henseler

Waffle house quote on Belgian waffles:

'We support a boycott on Belgian waffles. We support America. We don't support Belgian waffles.'

Am I the only one that heard America the Beautiful playing softly in the background while reading that? Seriously feel like somewhere Thomas Jefferson is shedding a tear at it's eloquence. Hey Belgium how does it feel to be completely wrapped in a mental pretzel before the biggest match of your lives. Like America's finest cuisine proprietor just banned your biggest export (?). Have fun trying to defend Landon Donovan Clint Dempsey with that in the back of your head. We're coming for that ass Belgium! And we're not going to touch a Belgian waffle* until later this evening!

*Does our boycott extend to waffle cones? Can't be right? I mean I guess I could get a standard cone for my ice cream lunch if I have to but it would be a bit of a downer. Don't want to end up on a terror watch list though. Gotta support the team .

PS: Love when they show the masses of people at watch parties in Chicago or Philly or New York going bananas after a goal. Can't wait to head to Sheboygan's watch party later this afternoon. Can you say electric?