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Jeremy Fry, ordinary citizen becomes internet icon in 2 minutes.

by Jon Henseler

Now as most would figure about an internet blogger/radio DJ/borderline homeless person, I spend the majority of my day watching a LOT of 'viral' videos on the internet. To the point where I'm sort of desensitized to the whole thing. Like not much impresses or shocks me anymore. Sort of like how I would imagine a photographer who has done two decades worth of SI Swimsuit photo shoots is probably not blown away by hot women anymore. But every once in a while, a video comes along that reminds me of why I love the game. A Kate Upton, if you will. And Jeremy Fry is my Kate Upton. So much in this video it needs a couple frame breakdown:

Love that he was already sort of getting after it before he even knew he was on the Jumbotron. Then Mom (girlfriend?) notices that he's got maybe his only chance to make a name for himself and get a girlfriend. DO IT JEREMY! DOOOO IT!

The transformation begins. People start to realize it's not about them anymore. That greatness is forming in front of their very eyes. Also, dude in the cardigan, wake up bro, a legend is being born right in front of you. Stopping gawking at the jumbotron, you've got a front row seat to history.

This is when you know he's got the crowd support. Unsolicited hug of a dude and the guy is fine with it. If Jeremy Fry wasn't Jeremy Fry this is where it would have turned into a WorldStar Hip Hop video.

Confidence is high, repeat confidence is high. Just going Richard Dawnson on randoms. NBD.

GIve this guy credit, he grabbed his glove and got in the game and it worked. He gets to be an accessory to a legend. Like Steve Kerr on the 90's Bulls.

Did this smokeshow call him after the game? Probably not. She took him into the bathroom after the quarter. Duh.

Think Jeremy Fry gives a single #$$ that blue shirt here Mutomboed him? For sure not. Your loss blue shirt. Look at the previous picture, there were two hot girls, not just one. You could have rode his coattails and gotten the other one. Just kidding Jeremy Fry definitely hooked up with both.

So there it is folks. From regular dude at a Celtics game with his mom to first ballot internet hall of famer. Jeremy Fry is the hero Boston deserves AND the one it needs.