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Experiment constantly when you go out to do photography...

by Dave Kallaway

I went to shoot fireworks at Riverfront Rondevous in Stevens Point..didn't have the best of viewing spots...so I made the best of a bad situation. While my wife and I were waiting for the fireworks show...we just watched people walking by with glow sticks..and I just kept clicking the shutter button. When you shoot fireworks..it's all about slow shutter speeds anyway. I always tell people to put their cameras in "manual" and shoot in "bulb" mode. This let's you push down the shutter button...it leaves the shutter open for as long as you want and then when you release the shutter button..it closes the shutter. Truly the best way to shoot fireworks. And fireworks are what? They're light. So the same set up works for all kinds of fun night light tricks. Next time you're at a Fair, a Fireworks show, or you see people with glow sticks..hold the shutter button and let the light create fun patterns!!